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What is Venture Creation?

Creating a new business from scratch, or creating a new product within a business

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passionate about building cost-effective and high-value solutions

your embedded tech data, tech, product and ops team with VC and PE experience

focus on commercial viability in the long-term and we never ask for equity

Startup Venture Studio

We’ve seen how to turn ideas into revenue

Pre-Seed & Ideation Stage

Helping you define the core of your idea and the approach to win market share.

An initial spec of the tech required and an understanding of the business plan and steps.

Early Stage

Defining (and building) your PoC and/or MVP ensuring that it’s scalable and not a sunk cost,

Managing initial users to drive adoption and driving key commercial levers

Scaling Stage

Making the MVP into a version 1 and beyond.

Building the business operations for scale.

Fundraising support.

Startup Value Creation

We don’t ask for equity so you can maximise your exit

Traditional Model

At the beginning, tech costs are disproportionately high as a number of tools may be knitted together. In an effort to incentivise tech resources to partake in the journey, significant equity is exchanged. Further, raising external money at pre-seed to Series A and beyond means founders’ equity stakes decline sharply - and focus is stretched between driving revenue, managing people and investor relations.

Daedalus’ Value Creation Model

We focus on maximising value; of the business, of profitability, and of the founders equity stake and its valuation. Initial tech and product efforts will focus on generating as much revenue as possible and growing this via automations and intelligent engineering. Further ongoing tech resources may not need to be equity incentivised thus retaining equity and value in the business.


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End-to-End Delivery

Fully owned & managed bespoke, discrete delivery from a self-managing squad that combines startup velocity with corporate discipline


We take the time and effort to understand your business and commercial objectives, translating them into product goals through the process.


We construct a delivery roadmap aligned to your commercial objectives, ensuring maximum value extraction as quickly as possible.


We have extensive experience in all the latest tech, ranging from lighting-fast cloud streaming to Big Data AI solutions - and everything in-between.

End-to-End Capabilities

We’ve used the most advanced technologies across
a number of domains, the below are just a sample

AI, ML, Data Engineering

From upgrading spreadsheets to a database, through petabytes of Big Data, to multithreaded streaming services - we’re able to build out an integrated data infrastructure which supports critical business functions and develops into advanced AI products.


We’ve got you covered with all the bits of technology to make your product monetisable, including designs, UX workflows, payments mechanisms, customer management and more.
We can also adapt to changing requests and can quickly turn a pivot into deployment.

Hybrid Products

Some more complex solutions require the amalgamation of advanced data techniques with deployable software infrastructure. We’re two departments in one, and can ship hybrid web apps and products using a method of combined architecture and synchronised deployment.

IP & Science Monetisation

We also have a strong background in the physical (and theoretical) sciences and have a sweet-spot for applying cutting edge tech builds to make “the science” applicable in the business world, and scale it as a commercial product - especially so within the world of finance.

Data Analytics

Owing to our hands-on approach of getting stuck into the details, we’ve developed a knack for automating business processes in a way which allows us to build an internal view of the metrics which define business performance. In particular, bringing normally disjointed information into a standardised view.

Venture Operations

We’ve also got a strong background in multinational corporate methods which we’ve fine-tuned to be most effective in the earlier stages of the business lifecycle. This includes financial modelling, creating automated operations and hiring.

Corporate Innovation

We also have experience of corporate innovation
and its particular complexities

Business Case & PoC

We can create the data-driven business case that wins the budget for an initial test.

That test can be a low-cost, high-impact Proof of Concept with pre-defined success criteria.

Revenue Generating MVP

Our unique approach is to build a PoC that actually scales into a MVP meaning the “jump” is smaller and the path to revenue generation is quicker.

V1 & Scaling Product

Again, our MVPs scale into version 1s seamlessly.

This phase is about setting up the business operations to hand-over to the relevant ongoing team.

Innovation Value Creation

Aigning technical development to the business’ core objectives in as quick a timeframe as possible.

Standard Corporate Model

At the beginning, the majority of cost is apportioned to building the business case “on the side” of resources’ desk resulting in delays. Once provided, a PoC and MVP may well be deployed, but given the technology approach these are often considered as discrete pieces of work without an integrated approach whereby frameworks and costs scale into one another. Given the need to manage non-technical work revenue generation often occurs too late so as to demonstrate material impact and innovation need.

Daedalus Model

Our integrated approach to commerciality and technical development means we can drive revenue earlier and greater. We combine the business case with a concurrent PoC build enabling a quicker route to demonstrating utility - and our fees are aligned to a small team meaning cost savings. Further, our tech approach means the PoC scales into a MVP which in turn scales into a v1 which results in revenues much earlier. And, most importantly, we are one single, self-managing team able to perform all the work releasing your time to focus on other areas of the business.


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Investment Due Diligence

We also work with private investors who want
to ensure their investments are secure

Commercial Audit

Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Cloud, Architecture, Deployment management

Operational Audit

Engineering, Science, AI, ML, Analysis & Visualisation, Architecture, Ethics

Product Audit

Customer Acquisition, Sales Funnel, Financial Modelling & Fundraising

Technical Audit

User & Customer, UI, UX, Service Design, Roadmaps and management